Frequently Asked Questions

We provide you with flotation suits and life jackets for the tour but we recommend to bring hat, gloves, sunglasses and camera for the tour.

Only bring your essentials for 1 hour tour. Leave backpacks either in your locked car or stowed in our compartment on the bus.

We provide you with flotations suits to keep you warm and safe.  We still recommend to bring some warm clothes to have underneath on colder days. Warm hats and gloves are highly encouraged.

Cameras are allowed onboard and encouraged. This is a once in a lifetime experience and we know capturing these memories is important. We do advise guests to use caution with their cameras as we are sailing on water and to be careful to keep all cell phones/cameras safely inside the boat. Please note that all camera and phones or on your own responsibility.

The tour is 1 hour on the boat.  Total duration is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes inlcuding the boat tour, check in time,preparations before the tour, bus tour in and out  and from the boats, undressing and finishing the tour.

The time on your ticket  is the check in time, it´s very important that you do not arrive later then that, then departure is 30 minutes later.  We recommend arriving few minutes before your check in time.

If you have not checked in for the tour 10 minutes past booked time then we give the seats away to other passengers.

Our ticket sale and your check in point is in the Ice Lagoon truck, it´s a big blue truck located on the east side of the lagoon marked as Ice Lagoon Adventure Tours.  Please check picture of our truck under the location option on our website, you can´t miss it.

Our age limit is 6 years or minimum height 1 meter. So the child needs to be 6 years old or at least 1 meter height.

Our boats take up to 12 passengers.

The bus ride takes about 5-7 minutes each way from our ticket sale to the boats.

Your safety is our number one priority and we go as close to the glacier as we can while still maintaining a safe distance. The glacier calves (large falling pieces of ice) without warning. Therefore it’s important that we always stay a safe distance from the glacier so that in the event of a calving we are not in any danger.  It´s always under the captain how close we can go the the glacier and each icbergs

Our season is from the 1st of May to the 15th of October

It is usually not a problem. You need to be able to walk shorter distance and sit down in a boat holding on with both hand. Our guides are happy to help you as much as they can. If you feel unsure, please contact us for further information.

The lagoon is constantly changing since the icebergs drift around all the time.  But we always try to go up to the glacier wall (within a safe distance)  The distance from our start point to the glacier wall is about 7 km one way.  Please note that in some cases we are not able to reach up to the glacier edge due to weather or ice conditions on the lagoon.

Yes of course! As long as you can walk and hold on in the boat you can join. We have had  people joinin our tours all the way into their mid 90s.

Please contact us email to